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Carpigiani Group - Ali Group S.r.l. (hereinafter also referred to as "Carpigiani"), a world leader in the supply of professional equipment and accessories for the production of artisan ice cream (“gelato”) and soft ice cream, has always been focused on providing its customers with high quality service. The creation of the e-Shop is another step in a journey to improve this experience, with the goal of offering professional customers the ability to purchase machines, accessories, services and consumables and merchandising products easily and quickly.
Reading and accepting these general conditions of access and use is an essential requirement for accessing the Carpigiani e-shop through the Website. Once accepted, these conditions will apply to all orders placed by Buyer through the Website: shop.carpigiani.com, taking advantage of the related services.
In addition to these terms and conditions, please carefully read and expressly accept our privacy policy, with its associated disclosure regarding the processing of personal data, our cookie policy, as well as our general conditions of sale. Failure to read and accept them will not allow you to access the Carpigiani e-Shop.
These policies and conditions may be updated from time to time and will remain accessible through the Website at all times, should you need to read them again at any time.

1.1. Requirements for registration
The e-Shop accessible through the Website is the property of Carpigiani Group – Ali Group S.r.l:
https://shop.carpigiani.com (the “Website”).
Registration requires:
a) Being a professional operator;
b) Being the holder of a European VAT number, qualified for cross-border transactions, linked to a company or firm located in a state located within the Territory*, where the ordered goods must necessarily also be delivered;
c) Being a tax resident in one of the countries that is part of the Territory (27)* and request delivery of the ordered goods to one of them;
d) Having an e-mail address and a cell phone account, enabled to receive SMS;
e) Having a personal computer or tablet equipped with antivirus software;
f) Knowing and understanding Italian or English;
g) Being in possession of a bank account or credit card or other accepted methods of payment in euro currency (EUR);
* Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (Canary Islands excluded).
During the registration process you will also be asked to indicate your company name or business name, along with other identifying information for the purpose of issuing a customer code.

1.2 Login credentials
During the registration process, you will need to create your credentials for accessing the Website (username and password) in accordance with the given security parameters.
At the end of the registration process you will also be provided with your customer code.
Please note that your login credentials and client code are strictly personal and, therefore, you are recommended to keep them safe and confidential. Carpigiani and all partner companies active in the management of the Website and the e-Shop disclaim, as of now, any liability regarding the improper, and/or unauthorized use of access credentials.
Access to the Website and the e-Shop are free of charge and involve no direct charge to the user.

1.3 Password recovery and assistance
During the registration process, you will also be instructed on methods for recovering your password if necessary, resetting it, using your user name (i.e., the e-mail address used during registration). For security reasons, during registration, the system may require you to set and answer some security questions designed to facilitate password recovery.
In the Website access box, so-called Log-in frame, you will find a special command aimed at recovering the forgotten password: click it and you will receive a dedicated e-mail message to the e-mail address given during registration, containing a link that will allow you to set a new password.
If the reset procedure is unsuccessful, or you experience other problems with the operation of the Website or browsing anomalies, you may contact our customer service department in the manner indicated in the same dedicated e-mail message.
In case of loss of your user name, Carpigiani, having obtained the necessary information and carried out the appropriate verifications, will evaluate at its discretion the possibility of activating a new registration, attributing new credentials to the user.

1.4 Traceability, identification and location
For your security, and in order to prevent misuse, any access to the Website and e-Shop are tracked through the use of tracking cookies (see our cookie policy).
All accesses to the Website are recorded: data are expressed in this format: dd/mm/yyyyy - hours : minutes : seconds (CET - Central European Time).
In accordance with the privacy policy, Carpigiani and/or its partner companies may use your browsing data for statistical purposes, as detailed in the cookie policy and the privacy policy, as well as in the accompanying disclosure regarding the processing of personal data.
Acceptance of these conditions together with the policies referred to therein, authorizes Carpigiani and/or its partner companies to use and process the data collected for the purposes described.

1.5 Maintenance
From time to time, the Website may be subject to updating or maintenance and may be inaccessible to users. Barring unforeseen events, anomalies, or sudden malfunctions, scheduled interventions are always pre-announced by notice on the Website.
The timely solution of any malfunction is among the goals of Carpigiani and its partner companies. However, the latter cannot be held liable for interruption of the services provided through the Website or the inability to access the e-Shop, even in view of the fact that what is offered to you is free of charge.

1.6 Communication by electronic means
The services and the activity of remote sales through the e-Shop are managed by Carpigiani through its dealer Antherica s.r.l., which also plays the role of webmaster and administrator of the Website, also pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 70/2003 as later amended and supplemented.
As you browse the Website, in accordance with our privacy policy, you may receive electronic communications via email, SMS or through other media (e.g. chatbots, banners, pop-ups, etc.) in order to make your experience more functional. All of the above communications will be in written form and may be retained by Carpigiani and/or its partner companies to improve the Website, or for statistical or training purposes.
All communications, provided they are made in writing, are deemed and assumed to be read and received by users, even if not viewed.

1.7 Professional destination
The Website and e-Shop are intended only for professional customers, with express exclusion of personal use or use involving a consumer according to Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code). Accordingly, the relationship established between Carpigiani Group - Ali Group S.r.l. and/or its partner companies and the registered user is B2B (business to business), and as such is regulated herein.

1.8 Intellectual property
The Website and the e-Shop are a work of authorship and constitute a database under applicable national and international law on the matter. All contents on the Website and e-Shop, visible or not visible, such as, for example, layouts, buttons, banners, dividers, keys, icons, images, illustrations, logos, software, photographs, combinations, methods, audio or video file processes, digital downloads, trademarks of any kind (including unregistered), names, patents, reviews, lists, slogans, tag-lines, etc. (for brevity, jointly, the "Content") are the exclusive property of Carpigiani Group - Ali Group S.r.l., unless otherwise specified.
Content cannot be reproduced or exported without the express written permission of Carpigiani.
Carpigiani grants the user a free license to access Content through the Website, solely for the purposes of accessing and operating through the e-Shop. Registration on the Website does not grant the user any independent right to exploit the Content.
All the items present and depicted on the Website are the property of Carpigiani, which is also the owner of the industrial and intellectual property rights relating to them such as, for example: designs, models, patents, etc.
The "Carpigiani®" trademark, in whatever graphic form or declination, is the exclusive property of Carpigiani Group - Ali Group S.r.l. and its use is expressly reserved.

1.9 Links
The Website may contain links to websites owned by third parties (so-called outbound) whose management is left to them and so is the corresponding liability. Likewise, any link to the Website from third-party websites (so-called inbound) must be authorized in advance by Carpigiani.

1.10 Contacts
Owner of the Website and e-Shop:
Carpigiani Group - Ali Group S.r.l.,
C.F. e P. IVA: 13239980967
registered office Via Gobetti n. 2/A, 20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI); and

head office Via Emilia 45, 40011 Anzola dell’Emilia (BO)
Certified E-mail PEC: amministrazione1@pec.carpigianigroup.com
** ** **
Dealer and webmaster:
Antherica s.r.l.,
with registered office at Via Passo Buole 82
42123 Reggio Emilia (RE)
Certified E-mail PEC: posta@pec.antherica.it

2.1 Intended use
The Website is intended for professional use only. The e-Shop was specially created and is operated to meet the needs of professional operators in order to supply accessories, services, consumables and machines bearing the Carpigiani® brand.
Any other use is expressly excluded.
Carpigiani reserves the right to ban or revoke access to the Website or the e-Shop in the event of misconduct or misuse.
All purchases made through the Website and the e-Shop are intended solely for the benefit of the registered user who placed the order. Each purchase of accessories, services and consumables must be matched to a Carpigiani machine identified through the serial number.
Failure to indicate or incorrect indication of the serial number exempts Carpigiani from any liability regarding the order placed by the user for accessories, services and/or consumables.
Before placing the order, the customer must therefore retrieve and verify his or her serial number, making sure that it is present in the list of machines managed by Carpigiani through the e-Shop. This compliance requirement is essential to enable Carpigiani to fulfill the order correctly and efficiently.

2.2 User registration and payment information
Once registered, you will be able to benefit from the features of the Website in accordance with these terms and conditions by placing your orders.
For security reasons, the Website does not store data related to the payment instruments used (credit card, bank data, etc.) but each user can opt to save them locally on their device, under their own responsibility.

2.3 Machine registration
Each user may also register their machines in the e-Shop by entering the serial number in the form provided on the Website.
Machine registration will enable Carpigiani to identify accessories, services and consumables suitable for use on the machine itself.
Registration of the machine will also enable Carpigiani to address communications, briefs, notices, updates and information related to any machine to each user, including for the purpose of assisting them in scheduled maintenance activities.

2.4 Customization, suggestions and tutoring
In order to customize the browsing experience on the Website with respect to the needs of each customer, in accordance with the privacy policy and the cookie policy, Carpigiani will use tools designed to personalize each session. Such tools may include suggestions, chatbots, and tutoring or mentoring activities, etc.
When logging in, a E-Shop Buyer can set recuring purchases through a special function. The user can even set the  customizable frequency of recuring purchases to best adapt to their needs.

2.5 Acceptance
I have read in full, understood and therefore accept these general conditions of access and use and agree to abide by them. Acceptance is done by electronic ticking during initial registration.

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