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Payment methods

Payments must be made in euro (EUR), by bank transfer, or other methods indicated on the website using the information therein. Subsequent to the receipt of payment, within the terms prescribed by law, the seller shall issue a regular invoice in accordance with the provisions in force from time to time in the territory. Payments must be accurate and exact, without rounding off of any kind. Receipt of incomplete or inaccurate payment will not allow the seller to process the order, causing delays in shipment of the ordered products or activation of the requested services.
In the case of payment by bank transfer, or other instruments indicated on the website, payment must be made at the same time as sending the order proposal, or it will be impossible to fulfill it and send the corresponding order confirmation, pursuant to the foregoing. If payment is made by bank transfer, the buyer must indicate the "SWIFT" and "IBAN" codes in the order form, specifying as the reason for payment at least the following details: number of the order proposal - date of the order proposal  - customer code. A copy of the receipt relating to the bank transfer order may also be forwarded to the seller by e-mail, to the following address: eshop-carpigiani@antherica.com, in order to expedite the process of fulfilling the order proposal. The processing and crediting time of a wire transfer can take up to 5 (five) business days from its execution date. This time frame shall be taken into account by the buyer for the purpose of shipping the products. 
In case of payment by bank transfer, failure to receive the credit within 10 (ten) working days from the date of the order proposal will result in the automatic cancellation of the same with automatic forfeiture and deletion of the order proposal. 
All costs and expenses (including any bank fees) associated with the wire transfer and as may be charged to buyer from time to time by its bank shall remain the sole responsibility of buyer.

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