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Cookie policy

Extended information on the use of cookies - this website's cookie policy

Regulatory references

Italian Personal Data Protection Authority

Cookies and privacy: instructions for use

Simplified procedure for privacy policy and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies - use of banners


Cookies are short text strings (consisting of letters and/or numbers) that allow the web server to store information on the browser, which will be reused during the next visit to the website (session cookies) or later, even after a few days (persistent cookies).

Cookies are stored, based on user preferences, by the individual browser on the specific device being used (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Use of cookies

This website uses technical, session and statistical, and third-party cookies for the presence of social media plug-ins.

Types of cookies

Depending on the characteristics and use of cookies, there are different categories.

Technical cookies

The website uses technical cookies to enable the safe, fast and efficient exploration of the site and to provide users with the requested services.

The following are to be considered technical cookies:

a)      cookies relating to activities strictly necessary for the operation of the website and the provision of the service. In most cases these are session cookies, whose use is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server). These cookies do not allow the acquisition of personal identification data and are not permanently stored on the user's computer; they disappear when the browser is closed;

b)     functionality cookies, related to optimization activities, which allow the user to navigate the website according to selected criteria (such as language);

c)      system cookies in order to keep track of the choice made by the user with reference to the cookie policy.

Analytical cookies (or analytics)

The website uses analytical cookies relating to the navigation of users for statistical purposes only, for reporting on the use of the website itself.

Further information on how to disable cookies can be found on the website of your browser provider:

Profiling cookies

This website does not use profiling cookies (for more information on profiling cookies).

Third-party cookies

When you visit this website you may receive cookies from websites operated by other organizations ("third parties"). One example is the presence of "social media plug-ins" for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, or embedded media display systems such as YouTube. These are parts generated directly by these websites and integrated into the web page of the visited host website.

The presence of these plug-ins involves the transmission of cookies to and from all sites managed by third parties. The management of information collected by third parties is governed by their respective privacy policies. In order to ensure greater transparency and convenience, below are the web addresses of the various policies and procedures for managing cookies.







Duration of cookies

The data collected through cookies will be stored according to their nature. Session cookies remain active only until the browser is closed, or when the logout command is executed.

The website also uses the cookies identified in the following table, for the retention time as indicated below.







It stores order id information so that order data can be resumed if the session is interrupted

1 Year



It stores if the modal of abbandoned cart of current order has already been dismissed

1 Year



It stores user id information to enable authentication to the site without the user having to re-enter their login information each time they access the site

1 Year



It stores user cookies preferences within the site

1 Year



Information derived from advertising campaigns used by Google, read by our system to extract statistical data

1 Year



Information derived from advertising campaigns used by Google, read by our system to extract statistical data

1 Year



It stores information about the wishlist composed by the user

1 Year



It stores the last products viewed by the user to be redisplayed on the homepage in the form of “History”

1 Year



Hide/redirect site to unauthorized countries

1 Week



Check if the country from which the user is browsing is authorized to view the site

1 Month/s



Web page counter




Assigns the user a Google Analytics identification code

13 Month/s



Used by Google Analytics to limit the data request rate on high traffic sites

1 Year



Registers a unique ID which is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website

1 day



To store and count page views

13 Month/s



Improve product search based on keywords entered by the user

1 Year



Stores information on the user who made a simple registration

10 days

Cookie management

At any time the user can decide whether to accept or disable (opt-out) all or some of the cookies used, with the exception of the technical ones that are necessary for the website to function.

Google Analytics management

To disable the use of Google Analytics cookies only, you can use the add-on provided by Google at the following link and follow the opt-out procedure indicated by Google opt-out procedure indicated by Google.

Browser management

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can also choose not to accept them.

Below are links to the pages where you can obtain information on cookie management for the most popular browsers:

Managing cookies on your mobile device

The installation of cookies on the user's mobile device can be disabled by changing the settings as indicated below:

  • Devices with operating system based on Android
  • Devices with operating system based on Ios

Without prejudice to the above, please note that if you disable cookies you will still be able to use some parts of the website, but some services may not be available.

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Privacy notice

We use cookies or similar technologies for technical purposes and for different purposes only with your prior and explicit consent as specified in cookie policy.

You can express your consent using the button "Consent all". Unless you select one of this options we will use essential functional cookies only